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Here are some of my recent patient testimonials .......

I was so freaked out about IVF that I told my husband if I was actually going to go through with it and make it through, then he would somehow have to first find me some dream acupuncturist that I could see pretty much every day and would be willing to come to the house.  He somehow found Sophie Butcher and Sophie is worth her weight in gold.
Sophie’s acupuncture protocols work.  I cannot imagine a more dedicated acupuncturist.  I have been to many acupuncturists on this journey of infertility/fertility over the last 25 years. Sophie Butcher is, bar none, been the most dedicated, up to date, and effective acupuncturist I have ever met in the field of fertility.  
Sophie studiously researches her fertility protocols. Her food suggestions, herbal suggestions, exercise suggestions and feedback are based on research, client experience, and common sense.  Her recommendations are priceless, sound and wise.  Her suggestions work.  She helped me get healthy blood flow to the eggs, prepared my uterus, kept me from getting the many colds and flus going around, and held the pregnancy.  I am now 16 weeks pregnant and I believe I was meant to work with Sophie Butcher.  This was my window to have this baby, I will be 43 when our little guy is born, and I was not able to do this just with the fertility clinic or honestly with a different acupuncturist.  
Sophie is a reasonable, sound, and research based acupuncturist.  Sophie is also caring.  I found her easy going and amazingly easy to schedule with which also made everything simple.
Due to my fear of IVF I needed Sophie to help me above and beyond sticking needles in me.   It helped me immensely to bounce things off Sophie to know how to smartly navigate this IVF process. Talking to Sophie about my doctor’s visits was vital to help me sort my way through the many twists and turns of IVF and figure out what was best scientifically, rationally and how to keeping going in the IVF process with no regrets and no stone left unturned.  I continuously picked Sophie’s brain because the stakes were too high for me to go it alone without guidance.  I couldn’t find my way through that maze without her.
Sophie is one of those rare individuals who has risen beyond her own life and is able to effectively better other people’s lives.  I didn’t know what a deal breaker acupuncture and the acupuncturist would end up being.  She has been so steadfast, reliable, reasonable and effective.  I am in shock that I am pregnant and have made it to the other side.  I relied on Sophie through the entire IVF process –she was such a steady, dependable, reasonable voice that knew the IVF terrain.  Thank you, Sophie.  I could not have done this without your help.    

Laura, Ventura


"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost two years without success.  I had one miscarriage, my menstrual cycles were very unpredictable, and I was questioning if I was even fertile.  A friend mentioned to me that acupuncture might help and I found Sophie online and decided to try it. I am so glad I did!  Sophie is great, she was very positive and supportive and gave me some wonderful resources to read up about fertility and acupuncture.  She was able to diagnose my issues and explain them in a way that was very easy to understand.  I had regular treatments and  followed her recommendations about helpful supplements.  After seeing her for less than two months, I became pregnant!  Sophie was wonderful in treating me before and during.  Her treatments really helped with the first trimester symptoms of morning sickness and digestive problems.   I am now in my 38th week, and I would definitely recommend Sophie to anyone who is trying to conceive, or anyone who would like to regulate their hormones and menstrual cycles."

Lee, Ventura

I cannot recommend Sophie enough. After over a year of trying to get pregnant and going through dozens of tests, I was on the verge of giving up hope but started reading about acupuncture for infertility. 
I was elated to see that someone in Ojai specialized in that practice and quickly called Sophie. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and in-tune to women facing infertility issues. 
My first visit with Sophie was in August and in October of that same year I was pregnant! I am eternally grateful to Sophie and her work and there is not a doubt in my mind that if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be blessed with my new family.

Heather, Ojai.
"I cannot say enough good things about Sophie and her acupuncture treatment.  After many years of trying to conceive we are now the happy parents of twins.  Acupuncture helped to balance my body and mind, and I am so grateful to Sophie for her caring and knowledgeable treatment.  Her kindness and wisdom were so comforting during the emotional experience of dealing with fertility issues.  I was always reassured by the wealth of information that Sophie shared with me during our sessions, and I believe that the treatments allowed me to finally have the family I've dreamed of for so long.  Thank you, Sophie!"

Kate, Ojai CA


"Following the successful birth of my daughter and then a miscarriage, my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant again. I was also experiencing severe hot flashes day and night, extremely dry hands and joint pain, all of which made life more challenging. At age 37, I was apparently going through premature ovarian failure or at least perimenopause. My FSH was recorded at a shockingly high 86 and both my ob/gyn and my reproductive endocrinologist suggested I take birth control to manage my symptoms and that, if we wanted another child, to focus on donor eggs. They gave me a less than 1% chance of conceiving a baby with my own eggs.

I told them I preferred to take my <1% chance and give my body at least a year to prove them wrong. That's when I met Sophie Butcher and my life was changed for good, for the better.

With just one round of acupuncture, my hot flashes and joint pain subsided significantly and stayed minimal. Much more importantly and much more exciting, two and a half months later, with just one round of clomid, I was pregnant! In April 2011 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who we never would have met if not for Sophie's excellent work and belief in the body's ability to do amazing things. If I had relied on the advice of my western physicians, though well-intended, I would have gone on birth control and never had the thrilling joy of giving birth to my second child. 

In addition to her skill at acupuncture, Sophie was a source of comfort and encouragement. She actually sat and listened to me in each session, asking questions about my health and diet, addressing my concerns, and generally doing what she could to provide a regimen of acupuncture, herbs, exercise, and other elements that addressed the situation of my entire health from week to week. She truly personalized her approach based on my personal experiences.

I heartily and with unabashed enthusiasm recommend Sophie Butcher's acupuncture to anyone dealing with fertility issues who believes in giving the body a chance to do what it was meant to do, and who seeks a thoughtful, wholistic approach to their fertility."

Jennifer, Oxnard CA 


"My reproductive endocrinologist recommended that we work with Sophie Butcher to enhance our fertility after we had unsuccessfully tried several years of traditional medical interventions. As a physician, I was only interested in exploring an alternative therapy with proven efficacy based on solid clinical studies. Acupuncture definitely fit the bill, and I was impressed with Sophie’s knowledge of important studies showing that acupuncture clearly improves one’s chances for a healthy pregnancy. 

 I felt completely comfortable with Sophie because she really listened to my concerns and carefully tailored a program to meet my needs.  She has a kind and supportive manner and a great sense of humor that put me immediately at ease.  I had never had acupuncture treatments before, but Sophie quickly allayed my fears. Her treatments were extremely relaxing and centering, as were the discussions I had with Sophie before and after the treatments. 

 Most critically, she recommended I have an acupuncture treatment immediately before or after my IVF procedure.  I really believe this particular piece of advice was extremely important to our success because we are now the ecstatic parents of a gorgeous, healthy son! Without reservation, I enthusiastically recommend Sophie’s acupuncture therapy to any friends or patients with fertility issues."


- Nicole, Ojai, CA

"IVF was the only viable way for me to achieve pregnancy. After working with our fertility specialist unsuccessfully for over a year to prepare my uterus to receive our precious little frozen embryo, there were no options left. Short of using a surrogate mother, we asked our doctor if there was anything else we could possibly try. His response was that some people have success with acupuncture and he recommended I contact Sophie Butcher. Sophie’s response to me was immediate. Her treatment plan was thorough and complete, and she soothed my psyche as skillfully as she practiced acupuncture. Sophie’s encouragement never faltered, and her positive attitude never failed throughout several months of treatment. Improvement was steady and consistent, and ultimately resulted in successful embryo implantation.
Our beautiful baby son just celebrated his first birthday, and there is no doubt in our minds that Sophie played a vital role in helping us reach our near impossible dream."

- Lisa P. Carpinteria, CA

"After four years of trying to get pregnant, I didn't feel comfortable trying IVF, nor could I afford it.  I was so lucky to find Sophie.  During our first session, she asked me questions abou my body that the other fertility doctors never did.  It was so nice to be treated by someone who was sensitive to my emotional and pysical needs.  I had never tried acupuncture before and became an instant fan.  The sessions were relaxing and invigorating.  Finally, after four years of stressful and painful medial tests, endless doctors who couldn't help me and just told me to 'keep trying', I felt like I was doing something right.  I could tell the Chinese herbs Sophie put together, specific to my needs, were making a difference in my menstrual cycle.  I was lucky enough to become pregnant after only two months of my acupuncture treatments.  As a proud mother of a healthy two year old, I'm so glad I tried acupuncture and recommend Sophie Butcher to everyone who wants to balance, heal and strengthen their body the natural way."

- Mariah C. Ojai, CA

"Sophie came to me as a recommendation from my Doctor.  I was thrilled to finally try a fertility procedure that was not only drug free, but a change from the aggressive treatments that IVF entails.  I had been trying to get pregnant for some time and although I desperately wanted to have a baby, I was also conflicted on how I felt about injections and hormone treatments.  The first thing I remember Sophie telling me was to just relax.  She calmly and encouragingly said "give me three months of working on you with acupuncture ".  A special blend of Chinese herbs were also worked into my program.   I had never felt better.  Acupuncture made me feel like I was balancing my reproductive system instead of trying to manipulate it.   Within two months I was pregnant with my first child.  I will forever be grateful to Sophie Butcher for making my dream of being a mother come true."

- Sarah P. Ventura, CA

"After a year of trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully, a friend referred me to Sophie Butcher.  I had also been going to a fertility center for four months and still did not have any luck.  As a last resort I decided to try acupuncture.  After my initial consultation with Sophie, I knew I had made the right decision.  She was kind, compassionate, and reassuring.  She had also struggled with her own fertility problems so she completely understood all of the frustration and sadness that I was going through.  I was a little skeptical and nervous about acupuncture, but the needles were small and painless and I usually fell asleep by the end of the session.  I began to look forward to my twice weekly meetings as the most relaxing part of my week!  After a few months of acupuncture and herbs, I became pregnant!  I now have a healthy 15 month old boy who is the absolute joy of my life.  I have referred Sophie to several friends and will use her again if i have trouble conceiving our second child."

- Sue E. Ojai, CA

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