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I am presently taking a break from seeing patients - I am still working as a Fertility Coach though.

Sophie has worked with fertility patients for many years. Over this time she has developed a treatment plan that calls upon many different modalities. She has studied and read extensively around the subject of fertility and incorporates any appropriate methods that will help her patients become parents.

What does a Fertility Coach session entail?

Your first visit will take about one and a half hours. We can carry out this intake either in person or on the phone or via Skype. In this visit we discuss your health history in detail. I will go over details of your labs tests (if you have them) and we will analyze your cycles in meticulous detail. From there, I will give you a wealth of advice about enhancing your fertility.  I have helped hundreds of women become pregnant who were having trouble conceiving.

My Fees

The initial fertility evaluation fee is $200


If you have internet access - copy page 1 and 2 of these fertility forms and bring them with you for your appointment. Take your time filling them in. We will discuss everything together when you come in to see me. 


I recommend that any patient who has had trouble conceiving should be evaluated by a Ob/Gyn or a Reproductive Endocrinologist before trying alternative methods. Chinese Medicine can be very effective in enhancing fertility but if there are problems such as blocked fallopian tubes or other structural problems Chinese Medicine will not be helpful.

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