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Sophie Butcher's Fertility Acupuncture Practice
 - Sophie Butcher has successfully been treating patients with fertility problems for many years. Her practice is based in Ojai.

As of February 2017 I am taking a hiatus from seeing patients in my clinic. I will, however, be offering my considerable knowledge and expertise as a Fertility Coach. For more information please contact me via email, text or phone.

I will also still be offering my Live Webinars during this time, all the
information for these classes is the CEU Fertility Courses Page

Here's a brief  overview of how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help:

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are effective both as treatment for infertility and also when used in conjunction with fertility medications. However, it is strongly suggested that couples try Oriental medicine first before attempting assisted reproductive therapies. Not only is it a fraction of the cost, but also the body will be more receptive to fertility medications if assisted therapies are needed. However, if you are already beginning an IVF cycle acupuncture and herbs can greatly enhance the outcome and success of that cycle.

When should you consider acupuncture for fertility?  

For couples that have unexplained infertility, acupuncture and herbs are very effective with high success rates.  Acupuncture, together with herbal medicine can help regulate the menstrual cycle and create a general sense of well being which aids in conception.

The endocrine system is very delicate and affected by many things that can throw it off, one of them being stress. Acupuncture can aid in relaxation, which creates an environment where conception occurs more readily. Research has shown that acupuncture directly affects hormone balance and uterine blood flow, enhancing fertility and improving the chances for conception.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine offers a safe, cost effective and noninvasive approach to conception and can treat many of the underlying problems that cause infertility.

To sign up for my Fertility Webinars: email sophieojai@yahoo.com or call/text 805 889 4489


Useful Links

These Links are useful in providing more information about acupuncture and chinese medicine.

Here's a great book written by an IVF Doctor and an acupuncturist

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Great Site for Info for Advanced Maternal Age and Miscarriage

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